Sarah Krause
I am currently residing in Orlando, Florida. I have been working for eight years, and I love talking and sharing with other educators. My hope, in part, with this website is to connect and collaborate with educators from all corners.

In working together, I believe we can create positive change in education. Technology, especially, is changing the world we live in and the students that fill our classrooms. If teachers and education do not evolve to meet the needs of this new kind of student, we will lose them before they even walk through our doors. We must strive to keep education relevant. Rather than waiting for change to seep into my classroom, I intend to be a catalyst for change. Now more than ever educators must find unique and innovative ways to engage students and offer them authentic learning opportunities. The work of this website is to explore and share ideas, resources, and tools that do exactly that. Our goal should not be to adapt to the future of education, but to usher it in.

Connect with me on Twitter @teachtwdchange

Or email me at sarah@evolutionizingeducation.com

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