Donors Choose Project FUNDED!!

I have been trying to find the time to take a moment to update my blog to showcase the incredible success I experienced on my first Donors Choose project, but we all know what kind of challenge finding time is for teachers and mothers.

Last Saturday I posted about my project, which was on its seventh day and had only attracted two donors, raising close to $100. Saturday was the last day to apply the first project code to double donations, and I knew if I was going to get my project funded in a reasonable timeframe it had to be through this promotion. I heavily pushed my project on all my social media outlets, sent emails, and messaged people privately that I felt would support my cause. I wasn’t sure it would work, but I knew I had to try.

The response I received was staggering. People shared my project on their own social media outlets, sent encouraging messages, and donated with a generosity I had not anticipated. I posted regular updates about the progress toward my goal and did my best to rally everyone I knew around my cause. I didn’t just passively post, though. I had tried that all week, as and had received very little acknowledgement. I created posts and tagged every single person I was friends with, ensuring they would have to see it and that it would just bvb get lost in the newsfeed. Within a twelve hour period, I had full funding. I was astounded.

I was further shocked when my chromebooks arrived at the school on Tuesday afternoon, only three days after my project received full funding. I had fully anticipated the entire process to take at least two or three weeks.

I am so thankful for everyone who contributed to this project. My students have already been working with the chromebooks and are loving them!

I will certainly take up another Donors Choose Project in late summer or early fall to get some tablets (which are cheaper and, therefore, I can acquire more). I will be repurposing an old laptop and iPad of my own for classroom purposes, as well. This week I started a new unit with my dual-credit seniors entirely on Google Classroom, and I am loving it so far. My goal is to take all classes online (as much as possible) next semester through this program.

I’ll post another blog about Google Classroom in the near future, after this five-week unit (and graduation) comes to a close, so be on the lookout!!

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